Planning and Preparing for a Baby Shower! Gifts That Will Bring Joy!

Apr 17, 2024

A baby shower is a party celebrating the journey to motherhood.

A baby shower, originating from the United States, is a celebration party for individuals who are about to become mothers. It is planned as a time for showing care and consideration for the expecting mother, and for everyone gathered to share joyful moments together.

When is a baby shower held?

In the United States, a baby shower is a supportive event aimed at alleviating the anxieties of expectant mothers. It is typically held during the 7th to 8th months of pregnancy, known as the stable period. During this time, the condition of the baby in the womb becomes clearer, and the expectant mother's health is usually stable, making it the optimal time for such a celebration.

Who plans it?

The planning of a baby shower is usually undertaken by individuals close to the expectant mother, such as sisters or close friends. They plan the party according to the mother's wishes. Surprise parties are also popular for mothers who enjoy surprises.

Participants and Numbers

Typically, a baby shower has around 5 to 20 participants. While it used to be an event attended only by women, the participation of men has become more common, and it is now held in various locations such as the expectant mother's home or restaurants. In the United States, it is a family event where not only friends but also soon-to-be grandmothers, who are most excited about the birth, attend.

What's in the Party?

Various fun games are played at baby showers. Examples include fast drinking competitions and diaper-changing races, which bring laughter and smiles to everyone. Additionally, the time for exchanging gifts and giving words of congratulations is cherished.

For instance, baby-related games are often organized:

Fast Drinking Contest with Baby Bottles: Participants compete to drink from baby bottles filled with liquid. Laughter ensues as they struggle to drink from the oversized bottles.

Chocolate Diaper Game: Participants guess the brand of chocolate melted inside diapers. The puzzled expressions of participants when confronted with chocolate on a diaper are entertaining.

Blindfolded Diaper Change Competition: Participants compete to change diapers on dolls while blindfolded. It's a heartwarming game as experienced mothers skillfully handle the task.

These games help liven up the party atmosphere.

Choosing Gifts

When selecting gifts, consider items that will bring joy to the expectant mother when opened at the party. Popular choices include baby clothes, toys, useful parenting books, and blankets. Practical items and products that mothers may not realize they need until they become mothers are also appreciated.

  • Baby Clothes (Since many mothers often already have essential items, consider cute designs or clothing suitable for the season after 3 months of birth.)
  • Toys (Quality toys like teething rings or bath toys are recommended, as many mothers prefer natural materials.)
  • Books (Informative parenting books or storybooks are also appreciated.)
  • Towels and Blankets (These are always useful gifts.)

Choose gifts that help the mother-to-be feel the reality of becoming a mother or items that she will appreciate at the time, even if she may not fully understand their value until later. Diaper cakes are also well-received.

Decorations and Attire on the Day

Pastel-colored balloons and colorful flowers are common decorations. Participants often enjoy wearing pink or floral-patterned clothing.

There are no strict rules, but sometimes, fun dress codes are specified. Even if someone wears different attire, Americans usually don't mind, so organizers are encouraged to specify dress codes without hesitation.

For example, if a pregnant woman loves Disney, the dress code might be "Please wear something Disney-themed."

If the dress code specifies "Please wear pink," older attendees might carry a pink handkerchief, while younger participants might wear pink dresses. To ensure a fun event, individual preferences and excitement are valued when planning.

A baby shower is a wonderful event for sharing the joy of becoming a mother. Let's celebrate the birth of a new life while enjoying a delightful time together.

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