【Important Notice】About Genuine Products

【Important Notice】

Please beware of counterfeit and copy products. Due to the difficulty in distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit items, some customers have been misled and suffered damages, such as having their original product boxes replaced with copies. We would like to remind you that we cannot take any responsibility for the quality of products purchased from sources other than authorized retailers in Japan. Therefore, please exercise caution before making a purchase.

When purchasing from Amazon: Even if the "shipper" is listed as Amazon, it does not guarantee that the product is genuine.

Genuine products:

  • Genuine imported products from Japan will have a "macaron seal (gold seal)" on the box.
  • There will be a "Tiny Spoon" sticker from the importer on the back.
  • The box will have explanations written in Japanese.

List of Authorized Retailers: