Gift Wrapping

We wrap your presents with care and thoughtfulness.

Gift Wrapping Service

Delivering Your Heartfelt Sentiments -

Sophie the Giraffe gift wrapping is meticulously prepared by our female staff, ensuring every package is handled with care.

● Gift Pouch (Non-woven Fabric): ¥300 + tax 

We offer a yellow drawstring pouch featuring adorable giraffe illustrations and double-layered satin ribbons with polka dots. Our staff will select the appropriate size pouch based on the items purchased and wrap them accordingly. You can specify your preferences for multiple gift wrappings in the order notes section during checkout. Up to three gift wrappings can be accommodated at the same rate.


Additional Requests:

  • Please specify the items you wish to be gift-wrapped in the order notes section during checkout.
  • Gift wrapping for up to three items is available at the same rate (for orders with more than three items).
  • The size of the drawstring pouch will be selected based on the dimensions of your purchased items.

For Customers Purchasing from the Sophiesticated Collection: The Sophisticated Collection includes a paper bag and a message card inside the box. However, as the paper bag is designed to fit the product precisely, it cannot accommodate multiple items. When adding items to your cart, please select "no processing" for options and choose gift wrapping. All items will be packed in drawstring pouches.

● Gift Wrapping with Wrapping Paper: ¥300 + tax

We offer a delicate pink and stardust original wrapping paper. Wrapping paper can only be used for items packaged in gift boxes and cannot be combined with other items. Please choose the drawstring pouch option when consolidating multiple items.

● Gift Wrapping with Wrapping Paper + Noshi (Decorative Ribbon): ¥350 + tax

Please specify the noshi (decorative ribbon) message in the order notes section during checkout.

● Message Card + Printing Fee: ¥50 + tax

We provide postcard-sized message cards (100x148mm). If you wish to have your message printed, please provide the content during checkout (up to 100 alphabet characters).

Front: Example Photo Back: Blank

Elephant Message Card Giraffe Message Card Sophie & Ferris Wheel Message Card *Printing is not available for message cards from the Sophisticated Collection (complimentary).